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How many switches are required for a stairway between main levels of a home?
a) Two three-way switches
b) Three single-pole switches
c) Two single-pole switches
d) One three-way switch

What voltage rating is needed for a refrigerator outlet?
a) 60 volts
b) 100 volts
c) 120 volts
d) 240 volts

Which statement best describes the placement of symbols on an electrical fixture plan?
a) Layer color should be blue
b) Total circuit load must be noted
c) Approximate locations are used
d) Locations are dimensioned

What area of a home would usually NOT require three-way switches?
a) Garage
b) Bathroom
c) Hall
d) Stairs

A duplex convenience outlet should be located on any wall longer than:
a) 1' - 0''
b) 2' - 0''
c) 4' - 0''
d) 5' - 0''

Which appliance is MOST likely to require an independent (220volt) circuit?
a) Clothes Washer
b) Fan
c) Range
d) Dishwasher

Where are weatherproof outlets usually installed?
a) Bathroom
b) Bedroom
c) Kitchen
d) Exterior of a house

To create a clear electrical plan, on which plan should electrical symbols be placed?
a) Framing Plan
b) Floor Plan with dimensions
c) Floor plan without dimensions
d) Elevation Plan

How many feet apart should outlets be spaced for small appliances in the kitchen?
a) 2'
b) 4'
c) 6'
d) 8'

What is the MOST logical place for a 3-way switch?
a) Bathroom
b) Hall
c) Closet
d) Office

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