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journalist who exposed corruption and other problems of the late 1800's
a) muckraker
b) anarchist
c) robber baron
d) nativist

a) pool
b) collective bargain
c) consolidate
d) capitalize

put resources together
a) capitalize
b) pool
c) consolidate
d) collective bragain

method developed in the 1800's to produce stronger steel at a lower cost
a) mass production
b) urbanization
c) vertical intergration
d) Bessemer process

practice in which a single manufacturer controls all of steps used to change raw materials into finished products
a) Bessemer process
b) urbanization
c) vertical integration
d) mass production

business that is owned by investors
a) corporation
b) monopoly
c) proprietorship
d) trust

share of ownership in a corporation
a) monopoly
b) stock
c) dividend
d) rebate

a portion of a company's earnings
a) stock
b) rebate
c) monopoly
d) dividend

property held by another
a) trust
b) monopoly
c) stock
d) dividend

a company or group having control of all or nearly all of the business
a) trust
b) corporation
c) monopoly
d) capitalism

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