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A dead body preserved by a special process
a) canopic
b) Book of the Dead
c) mummy
d) anubis

One of the world's first alphabets created by the Nubians
a) demotic
b) cuneiform
c) hieroglyphics
d) Meroitic script

A system of offices and officials that handle the business of government
a) bureaucracy
b) commerce
c) interdependence
d) delta

Groups of rocky rapids
a) artisans
b) pharaoh
c) cataracts
d) papyrus

Study of body structure and organs
a) astronomy
b) biology
c) anatomy
d) physiology

Dependence by each country or group on the other
a) commerce
b) interdependence
c) meroitic script
d) hieroglyphics

A series of rulers from a single family
a) dynasty
b) pyramid
c) anatomy
d) delta

A drawing or symbol that represents a word or a sound
a) hieroglyphic
b) ebony
c) ivory
d) hieroglyphics

Structure with triangular sides
a) statue
b) tomb
c) sphinx
d) pyramid

A ruler of ancient Egypt (king)
a) emperor
b) pharaoh
c) prime minister
d) president

The Ancient system of writing that used symbols to stand for objects, ideas, or sounds
a) hieroglyphics
b) meroitic script
c) cuneiform
d) papyrus

Skilled workers who make goods by hand
a) officials
b) scribes
c) farmers
d) artisans

The buying and selling of goods and services
a) bureaucracy
b) exchanging
c) commerce
d) interdependence

Statue or other free standing piece of art made of clay, stone, or other materials
a) sculpture
b) painting
c) mural
d) etching

A landform made of sediment that is deposited where a river flows into an ocean or lake
a) canal
b) delta
c) levee
d) harbor

A hard white material made from elephant tusks
a) ebony
b) cartilage
c) papyrus
d) ivory

A paper made from a reed that grew along the Nile.
a) delta
b) papyrus
c) silt
d) amulet

A black wood from West Africa
a) ebony
b) birch
c) locust
d) ivory

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