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What was found on the top of the Mississippian mounds?
a) rivers
b) woodhenge
c) homes/temples for the chiefs
d) maize crops

The Maya, Aztec and Inca used this type of farming.
a) Terrace step farming
b) chinampas
c) plowed fields
d) slash and burn

Which civilization built roads and bridges to help with communication throughout their empire?
a) Aztec
b) Maya
c) Mississippian
d) Inca

What was the most common crop in all the early civilizations?
a) maize
b) cocao
c) potatoes
d) tomatoes

What did the Aztecs do to solve the problem of needing land to grow crops?
a) stole crops from other people
b) grew crops in caves
c) built floating gardens called chinampas
d) decided to herd animals instead

What does Polytheism mean?
a) having a class system
b) worshipping a priest
c) worshipping more than 1 god
d) growing many crops

The Maya developed what important concept?
a) how to sing to the gods
b) math use of zero
c) number counting by 2's
d) how to build massive mounds

What is the purpose of terraces on hillsides built by the Maya, Aztec and Inca?
a) to be able to drink water
b) to be able to grow crops
c) to get closer to the gods
d) to transport water in canals

The Maya, Aztec, Mississippian and Inca civilizations had a ______________ for their society structure.
a) calendar
b) Pok-O-Pok game
c) irrigation system
d) class system

The lowest class system for the Aztecs and Mayas were the________________.
a) emperors
b) slaves
c) priests
d) nobles

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