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The difference between a plateau and a plain is:
a) A plateau is flat land, and a plain is a highly elevated flat land
b) A plateau is a volcano, and a plain is an island
c) A plateau is a flat, elevated landform that rises sharply over the surrounding area, and a plain is a flat land with few tree
d) A plateau is a mountain, and a plain is flat land.

Which of the following is considered a fossil fuel?
a) Oil
b) Water
c) Chocolate
d) Rubber

Identify a broadleaf evergreen forest.
a) Amazon
b) Namib
c) Sahara
d) Mount Kilimanjaro

All of the following are continents, EXCEPT:
a) North America
b) South America
c) Australia
d) United States

Identify one of the oceans in the world:
a) Pacific
b) Nile
c) Niger
d) Alps

Which of the following is NOT a region in Canada?
a) Core
b) Atlantic
c) Prairie
d) Appalachian

The two primary languages spoken in Canada are:
a) English and Spanish
b) French and Spanish
c) French and English
d) Spanish and Canadian

Byron moves to Canada and lives on one of the Great Lakes. What are the Great Lakes?
a) Lakes that entirely in the Canadian land and are freshwater.
b) Lakes that are entirely in the United States border that are fresh water.
c) Freshwater lakes that were left behind by giant ice sheets that melted after the last ice age.
d) Glaciers.

Which of the following is an example of a National Park?
a) Grand Canyon
b) Angel Falls
c) The Sahara
d) Alps

Americans make up 5% of the world’s population, but use _____% of the world’s oil.
a) 50%
b) 25%
c) 40%
d) 75%

Mexico City was formerly known as ___________________, a populated and advanced city of the ancient world.
a) Tenochtitlan
b) Maya
c) Tovea
d) Texas

The largest country in South America, with the largest Portuguese speaking population, is:
a) Peru
b) Brazil
c) Argentina
d) Guatemala

Latin America is a land of many different geographic features. Identify one that is NOT in Latin America:
a) volcanos
b) plateaus
c) ice caps
d) broadleaf evergreen forests

The Caribbean Islands are victims to what kind of extreme weather during the summer?
a) tornadoes
b) hurricanes
c) volcanic explosions
d) cloud forests

Identify the largest vegetation zone in South America.
a) Amazon Rainforest
b) The Atacama Desert
c) Angel Falls
d) Andes Mountains

Subsistence farming is when:
a) Farming of tobacco.
b) Farming of cash crops.
c) Farming of food.
d) When one farms for survival, farming for one’s food.

The Mayans of Mesoamerica had many interesting traditions. Which tradition involved wood boards to flatten a baby’s skull?
a) Baby Flattening
b) Cross Eyed
c) Baby Ironing
d) Baby Squeezing

The Mayans developed many things, which is not one?
a) Writing system
b) Calendar
c) Math
d) Tree cutting

Which country spreads over two continents?
a) Russia
b) United Kingdom
c) Germany
d) France

Which of the following is NOT in Europe?
a) The Caucus
b) Alps
c) Balkan Peninsula
d) The Sahara

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