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A reaction to a change in your environment is caused when your sense organs perceive a
a) hormone
b) pathogen
c) neuron
d) stimulus

This sense allows you to feel pressure, temperature, and pain.
a) hearing
b) touch
c) smell
d) taste

The many parts of the brain communicate with one another through connecting
a) vertebrae
b) senses
c) neurons
d) glands

You decide to raise your hand in class. This movement is controlled by the
a) autonomic nervous system
b) voluntary nervous system
c) autonomic endocrine system
d) central endocrine system

Chemicals that are made in one location in the body and function in another location are called
a) feedback mechanisms
b) glands
c) hormones
d) sensory nerves

Structures of the endocrine system that produce hormones are called
a) neurons
b) blood cells
c) glands
d) receptors

The endocrine system uses feedback mechanisms to
a) maintain homeostasis
b) process images
c) sense the environment
d) provide oxygen

The male reproductive organs that produce sperm are known as
a) testes
b) urethra
c) ovaries
d) semen

The process that follows the breakdown of both an unfertilized egg and the lining of the uterus
a) fertilization
b) pregnancy
c) reproduction
d) menstruation

Soon after implantation, the placenta is formed. The placenta allows
a) fertilization to take place
b) the mother to share oxygen and other nutrients with the growing baby
c) menstruation to begin
d) the growing fetus to inherit eye color and hair color from the mother

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