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According to Roman legend, Rome was founded by......
a) Rominoid, a mighty warrior king from Asia.
b) a small group of nomads who believed the Tiber River had healing powers.
c) twin boys, named Romulus and Remus, who were rescued by wolves as infants.
d) two prisoners of war, named Romulon and Remond, who had escaped Alexander the Great's army.

Italy's mainland can best be described as...
a) a peninsula
b) an island
c) a continent
d) an archipelago

A Republic is a government system where...
a) People elected their leader, but can still vote on political decisions.
b) People are governed by a King or Queen.
c) People elected their leader to make decisions.
d) People are ruled by a small group of people.

The Consuls are similar to the United States' ________________.
a) Library of Congress
b) Supreme Court
c) House of Representatives/Senate
d) President

The Senate/The Tribunes are similar to The United States' __________________.
a) House of Representatives/Senate
b) Supreme Court
c) President
d) Library of Congress

The Judges are similar to The United States' _______________
a) President
b) House of Representatives/Senate
c) Supreme Court
d) Library of Congress

'Patrician' is another word for....
a) The common class
b) The wealthy class
c) The slaves
d) The criminals

'Plebeian' is another word for....
a) The common class
b) The wealthy class
c) The slaves
d) The criminals

_____________________ could hold public offices.
a) Gladiators
b) Slaves
c) Plebeians
d) Patricians

_____________ made up 95% of Rome's population.
a) Slaves
b) Gladiators
c) Plebeians
d) Patricians

Which group of people paid taxes, but had no say in government?
a) Plebeians
b) Patricians
c) Slaves
d) Gladiators

Protecting the rights of the Plebeians was the job of the _______________.
a) Senate
b) Tribunes
c) Judges
d) Consuls

This position was the head of government. Both people in this position had to agree before laws were passed.
a) Senate
b) Tribunes
c) Judges
d) Consuls

This position handled the financial decisions of government, proposed laws, and gave advice to the consuls.
a) Senate
b) Judges
c) Tribunes
d) Consuls

This position oversaw the courts and made sure the laws were fair.
a) Senate
b) Judges
c) Tribunes
d) Consuls

The Punic Wars were fought between.....
a) Carthage and Sicily
b) Carthage and Macedonia
c) Carthage and Rome
d) Rome and Sicily

The First Punic War began when....
a) Carthage led a destructive attack on Roman trade colonies.
b) Rome attacked the Carthaginian Coast.
c) Hannibal made a binding oath to his father to destroy Rome.
d) Rome invaded the fertile island of Sicily.

What life-changing oath did Hannibal make to his father when he was 9 years old?
a) He vowed to destroy Rome both with fire and with steel as soon as he came of age.
b) He vowed to overthrow the Carthaginian King who surrendered to the Roman Empire during the First Punic War.
c) He vowed to rebuild the Carthaginian Army to extend the empire across Northern Africa.
d) He vowed to rebuild the Roman Empire and establish equality between the patricians and the plebeians.

Cold weather, snow storms, slippery passes, and dodging large rocks thrown by tribal peoples were all obstacles Hannibal faced when he crossed ________________ with his troops.
a) Iberian Peninsula
b) The Alps
c) The Sahara Desert
d) The Rockies

How did taking prisoners as slaves lead to unemployment during the Punic Wars?
a) People who supported slave revolts lost their jobs.
b) Roman citizens were not allowed to keep slaves.
c) Soldiers who captured slaves were released from the army.
d) Landowners put slaves to work instead of paying free workers.

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