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Who is the protagonist of the story?
a) Fiona
b) Jonas
c) Lily
d) Asher

What is Elsewhere?
a) The place beyond the community.
b) The name of the community river.
c) Where the Giver lives.
d) The location of the Nurturing Center.

What does it mean that Jonas has the 'capacity to see beyond'?
a) He can hear music.
b) He is a really good student.
c) He can see colors.
d) He is near-sighted.

Which of the following statements best describe the choices citizens were able to make in the society?
a) They could choose their spouse or who to marry.
b) They could choose how to spend their volunteer hours.
c) They could choose their jobs and careers in the community.
d) They could choose how many children they wanted.

13. Based on the reading, it can be inferred that the society values the following ideas:
a) Freedom, love, and compassion.
b) Freedom, success, and equality.
c) Disunity, disrespect, and success.
d) Order, success, and perfection.

Why was Jonas distressed at the Ceremony of Twelve?
a) Fiona winked at him.
b) The Chief Elder skipped over him during the ceremony.
c) Asher fell asleep during the speeches.
d) He couldn't find his parents in the crowd.

Why don't the community members share the memories?
a) They don't want citizens to know everything.
b) They want to honor one person above the others.
c) They think only one person can be smart.
d) They don't want citizens to be burdened with the pain.

What happened to the memories when Rosemary was released?
a) They were all released back into the community.
b) They went with her to Elsewhere.
c) They returned to the Giver.
d) No one knows what happened to the memories.

What are the Stirrings?
a) A new way to cook in the community kitchen.
b) Arguments between unruly members of the community.
c) Feelings of affection that citizens take pills for.
d) Bad dreams.

What does it mean to be released in Jonas's community?
a) To die by lethal injection.
b) To move to Elsewhere.
c) To be transferred to a new community.
d) To receive poor grades in school.

How are Jonas, Gabe, and the Giver similar?
a) They love to take long walks.
b) They all have pale eyes.
c) All have been to Elsewhere.
d) All are on the community basketball team.

All of the following are themes (big ideas) in the novel, EXCEPT...
a) Choices
b) Love
c) Individuality
d) War

Which statement best describes how Jonas changed over the course of the novel?
a) In the beginning, Jonas was scared, then he was still nervous.
b) At first Jonas was an obedient child, but eventually becomes a rebel against his community.
c) Jonas is a rebel, then becomes a very obedient child.
d) He changes from being an ordinary kid to the new receiver.

'The Giver' is an example of the hero's journey, that means the Giver is an example of...
a) The Road of Trials
b) The Ultimate Boon
c) Unconditional Love
d) The Magic Flight

Why does Jonas consider volunteer hours a 'luxury'?
a) He gets to choose how to 'spend' those hours.
b) He spends numerous amounts of time relaxing in the bathing room in the House of the Old.
c) He is paid for his volunteer hours.
d) He gets to spend time away from doing school work.

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