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What did Natron do?
a) Dries out the body during mummification
b) Kept a persons organs safe in the afterlife
c) It was used to oil the skin and keep it flexible
d) It is the chemical that modern doctors used to embalm people

About how long did it take to mummify someone in ancient Egypt?
a) 20 days
b) 40 days
c) 70 days
d) 120 days

What is the removal of water from something called?
a) Decomposition
b) Dehydration
c) Embalming
d) Mummification

What type of people in ancient Egypt typically got mummified?
a) Everybody
b) Only the poor
c) Just the Pharaoh
d) Usually just the wealthy or those who could afford it

What was the main reason the Egyptians mummified their dead?
a) They thought they would get their body back in the afterlife
b) They thought the body was a holy work of god
c) Nobody knows the real meaning why they did it
d) They thought that disease would spread from their rotting bodies if they didn't mummify

What makes a mummy a mummy?
a) The fact the the body has wrappings
b) The fact that the organs have been removed
c) The fact that the skin is somewhat preserved
d) The age of the body

What organ was left in the body so it could be weighed in the afterlife?
a) Brain
b) Heart
c) Liver
d) Intestines

What organ was usually removed through a persons nasal passage?
a) The heart
b) The stomach
c) The eyes
d) The brain

What did the Egyptians call their coffins?
a) An Amulet
b) A Garrison
c) A Sarcophagus
d) A Mastaba

What is another word used to describe the concept of forever?
a) Eternity
b) Underworld
c) Soul
d) Deceased

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