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Segregation means
a) separation of races
b) Grape Ape is really angry
c) the area outside the city centers that grew in the 1950s
d) to stop fighting

A popular dance of the 1950s was the
a) Lindy
b) Grape Ape Crawl
c) Waltz
d) Hand Jive

The Interstate Highway System began construction in
a) Grape Ape's backyard
b) Washington, DC
c) 1956
d) response to a demand from car dealers

Rosa Parks was arrested for
a) trying to attend and all-white school
b) teasing Grape Ape
c) making it so that all students regardless of color could go to school together
d) refusing to move out of her seat so a white man could sit down

Sock hops were usually held in
a) honor of Grape Ape
b) community centers
c) school gymnasiums
d) the summer

On his show, it was common for Groucho Marx to smoke a cigar and
a) have alcohol
b) insult people
c) recite the Pledge of Allegiance
d) include Grape Ape in the questions

Boys often wore
a) rolled up blue jeans
b) white t-shirts
c) both
d) none of these

A popular style of vehicle in the 1950s included
a) running boards
b) Grape Ape hanging from the mirror
c) compact, fuel-efficient construction
d) fins

One of the common fashions of the 1950s was
a) tie-dyed shirts
b) poodle skirts
c) Grape Ape t-shirts
d) hoodies

The United States gave $13 billion to rebuild Europe under the
b) Cold War
c) Marshall Plan
d) control of Grape Ape

The Berlin Wall became a symbol of the
a) arms race
b) Cold War
c) space race
d) attempt to confine Grape Ape

NATO was formed to help European countries resist pressure to become
a) mad at Germany
b) owners of Grape Ape
c) part of the Cold War
d) communist

NATO stands for
a) No Apes Traveling Offensively
b) North American Treaty Option
c) North Atlantic Treaty Organization
d) New America Treaties with Others

One incident from the Cold War was when the US and its allies decided to drop supplies to people in
a) North Korea
b) China
c) the same area as Grape Ape
d) West Berlin

The Cold War was also a disagreement about types of
a) energy sources
b) governments
c) communication
d) animals, with Grape Ape being the preferred choice

The Cold War was between the US and
a) Germany
b) Grape Ape
c) North Korea
d) the USSR

The Cold War involved a race to see
a) who could create and stockpile the most dangerous weapons
b) who could get to the moon first
c) which country would have Grape Ape
d) which country could rule the most countries

The United Nations was created by
a) the United States
b) 50 nations
c) Grape Ape to promote world peace
d) the USSR

President Truman became President because of whose death?
a) Dwight D. Eisenhower
b) Theodore Roosevelt
c) Franklin Roosevelt
d) Grape Ape

In the 1950s, what percentage of homes had a television?
a) 20%
b) 50%
c) 75%
d) 90%

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