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A parasite feeds off of its host, and
a) Keeps feeding until the host dies
b) Prevents the host from running away
c) Leaves the host alive to produce more food for the parasite

Commensalism is a relationship between two organisms in which one organism benefits, and the other
a) is harmed
b) is helped
c) is neither harmed nor helped
d) is harmed and helped

A relationship between two organisms over a long period of time is
a) Symbiosis
b) Parasitism
c) Predation
d) Commensalism

How much energy is transferred when an organism consumes another organism?
a) 100%
b) 100% but 30% is lost in feces
c) 10%
d) 5%

Phosphates create problems when they dissolve in water and collect in rivers and lakes, because they lead to
a) Toxicity in plants
b) Increased algae growth, taking resources away from other organisms
c) Bitter taste in the water

An organism can occupy more than one trophic level within a food web.
a) True
b) False

All of the following processes release carbon into the atmosphere, EXCEPT
a) photosynthesis
b) cellular respiration
c) burning fossil fuels

How does an autotroph gain food/energy?
a) Eating meat
b) Eating vegetables
c) Eating meat and vegetables
d) Photosynthesis

Which of the following is in proper order from smallest group to largest group?
a) 1. organisms 2. populations 3. communities 4. ecosystems
b) 1. organisms 2. communities 3. populations 4. ecosystems
c) 1. populations 2. organisms 3. communities 4. ecosystems

Which of these would not be part of a community?
a) plants
b) water
c) flies
d) geese

If two organisms can reproduce and make fertile offspring, they are
a) a mommy and a daddy
b) In the same ecosystem
c) In the same species

Which of these could be a starting location for primary succession?
a) A grassy field
b) Bare rock
c) A forest
d) A lake

Which of these is an abiotic factor?
a) Temperature
b) Grasshopper
c) Algae
d) Tree

Which refers to organisms of THE SAME SPECIES fighting over resources?
a) Interspecific Competition
b) Intraspecific Competition
c) Mutualism

Invasive species create problems in new ecosystems by
a) Eating food that native species depend on
b) Becoming impossible to find
c) Introducing additional nutrients to the ecosystem

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