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The process by which the number of chromosomes is reduced by half to form sex cells is
a) meiosis
b) mitosis
c) telophase
d) cytokinesis

Genes are transported on
a) sex cells
b) genes
c) alleles
d) anaphase

Which of the following is not a stage of the cell cycle?
a) meiosis
b) interphase
c) mitosis
d) cytokinesis

In what phase does a cell spend most of it's time?
a) interphase
b) anaphase
c) metaphase
d) telophase

In what phase do the chromosomes line up in the center?
a) metaphase
b) anaphase
c) telophase
d) interphase

In what phase does a plant cell form a cell plate before dividing?
a) cytokinesis
b) prophase
c) anaphase
d) telophase

How many chromosomes does a human sex cell have?
a) 23
b) 23 pairs
c) 46
d) 46 pairs

How many chromosomes does a human body cell have?
a) 23 pairs
b) 23
c) 46 pairs
d) 48

How many sex cells are made during meiosis?
a) 4
b) 3
c) 2
d) 1

How many body cells are made during mitosis?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 3
d) 1

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