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The _______ Act requires industries to reduce or eliminate the release of point source pollution into surface waters.
a) Clean Water
b) Clean Air
c) National Ambient Air quality Standards
d) Safe Drinking Water

The major source of air pollution that disrupts the atmosphere's natural cycles is the combustion of _____________ fuels
a) renewable
b) coal
c) fossil
d) solar

The nations's most important air pollution law is the _________ Act
a) National Ambient Air Quality Standards
b) Clean Water
c) Safe Drinking Water
d) Clean Air

Hydroelectric power is produced by
a) falling water that turns a turbine.
b) tides that pour through a dam barrier.
c) hot water that comes from deep underground.
d) electric current that flows across a dam.

Which of the following is NOT a major use of freshwater resources?
a) drinking water
b) cooking food
c) growing food
d) fuel for transportation

In which decade were the first important laws to decrease water pollution passed?
a) 1950's
b) 1960's
c) 1970's
d) 1980's

The advantages of solar energy include the fact that it is
a) nonrenewable.
b) nonpolluting.
c) expensive.
d) absent at night.

Compost helps preserve the health of soil because it
a) is a natural fertilizer.
b) contains pesticides that kill insects.
c) breaks rock down into additional soil.
d) adds artificial fertilizers that help plants grow.

Which of the following is NOT a land resource?
a) soil
b) minerals
c) forests
d) methane

One way that mining for mineral resources damages land is by
a) adding greenhouse gases to the environment.
b) depleting the world's ozone.
c) causing salinization.
d) increasing soil erosion.

What is the function of the atmosphere's ozone layer?
a) sheilds Earth from harmful solar radiation
b) provides oxygen needed by human life
c) protects Earth from the sun's heat
d) removes pollution from the atmosphere

What is the source of geothermal energy?
a) sunlight heating surface waters
b) the splitting of atoms to release energy
c) natural underground reservoirs of steam and hot water
d) very hot minerals deep underground

Renewable resources
a) can be replenished over months, years, or decades.
b) are all living resources.
c) have finite supplies that will one day be used up.
d) include iron, gas, and copper.

Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel?
a) Coal
b) Natural Gas
c) Oil
d) Uranium

How does tidal power work?
a) Dam holds water in an area, as the tide goes out, the trapped water flows out the dam turning turbines to generate power
b) As wind blows, windmills are turned generating power
c) Panels take in energy from the sun and convert it to power
d) Power is generated from falling water from the tides going in and out

Know what the difference between renewable and non renewable energy is
a) I do
b) I don't

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