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Which of the following best describes the relationship between the Vedict texts and the Vedas?
a) Vedict texts were a collection of thoughts about the Vedas.
b) Vedict texts had the same sacred hymns as the Vedas.
c) The Vedas were based on the teachings in the Vedict texts.
d) The Vedas described how Aryans should use the Vedict texts.

In Aryan society, which of the following was of highest importance in regard to the caste system?
a) moving to a higher level of the caste system
b) interacting with people of different castes
c) adhering to the strict rules of the caste system
d) helping people from lower classes move up

Which of the following led to the development of Hinduism?
a) Vedic scholars gained new insights from the Upanishads.
b) The Hindu people from Persia took control of Aryan society.
c) Aryan religious leaders recognized that Brahmanism was flawed.
d) People from Central Asia brought their religious ideas to India.

Hindus believe that all of their gods are part of the universal spirit called
a) Gupta
b) Siva
c) Brahman
d) Vishnu

According to Hinduism, people are reborn into new physical forms. The form one is born into depends on one's
a) moksha
b) karma
c) dharma
d) sutra

Why did Siddhartha Gautama leave home at age 30?
a) to find answers to his questions about human life
b) to establish a religion that was better then Hinduism
c) to help those that felt pain and suffering in life
d) to spread his new religious ideas to other people

Which of the following concerns was of greatest importance to Siddhartha Gautama?
a) meditating under a tree to gain more wisdom
b) encouraging followers to give away their money
c) helping people worship God on a daily basis
d) finding ways to end human suffering

The guiding principles at the heart of Buddhism are called
a) the Four Noble Truths
b) the Truths of Life
c) the Rules for Living
d) the Enlightened Path

People who spread religious beliefs are called
a) artisans
b) missionaries
c) monks
d) followers

What caused many people from the lower social classes to support Buddha's teachings?
a) The Buddha opposed the caste system.
b) The Buddha agreed with the Brahmin rituals.
c) The Buddha supported animal sacrifice.
d) The Buddha worked with Hindu priests.

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