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Who was Daniel Greysolon?
a) Sier du Luht, a French military officer, explorer and fur trader. He worked in the region from 1678 to 1687.
b) A Belgian priest
c) A british explorer who built several railroads in the area.
d) A fur trader who set up many posts in the area.

What kind of items did the Native Americans trade for in the fur trade?
a) Wild rice.
b) Maple syrup.
c) Pots and pans, knives and rifles.
d) Fur robes and blankets.

What article of clothing was most popular during the fur trade?
a) Capes
b) Boots similar to our mukluks today.
c) Felt hats made from beaver pelts.
d) Gentleman's overcoats.

What war led to the end of all foreigners being involved in the fur trade in the United States?
a) War of 1812
b) French and Indian War.
c) The Spanish-American War
d) The Seven Year War.

Who was boss over a clerk?
a) The guides.
b) The Bowman
c) The Metis
d) The trading partner

Why did the French have less of a hand in the fur trade business in America after 1763?
a) They lost the American Revolution.
b) They got involved in other trading businesses in South America.
c) They lost the French and Indian War.
d) The Native Americans didn't want to trade with then any longer.

What was the role of the Native American women in the fur trade?
a) They did not play a role. Nothing has been written about them.
b) They cleaned the pelts, provided resources that kept the trade going, served as interpreters and sometimes married a trader.
c) They gave shelter to the voyageurs when there were storms.
d) They worked at the trading posts as camp cooks and cleaners,

What is a metis?
a) European men who married Anerican Indian women.
b) Another name for a voyageur.
c) A name the Native Americans called white people.
d) A British officer.

What was the job of the fur trader otherwise known as a wintering partner?
a) He usually oversaw several fur trading posts.
b) He was the man in charge of the voyageurs.
c) He interpreted languages so the Native Americans could trade at the fur trading post.
d) He prepared the furs to make them useable to trade.

What is a voyageur?
a) A hunter for the fur trade.
b) The person who ran a fur-trading post.
c) The person who did the heavy work mainly transporting and hauling the furs.
d) The person who helped people unfamiliar to the territory find their way.

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