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A solution that contains a large amount of solute compared to slovent is described as _____________.
a) dilute
b) heterogeneous
c) unsaturated
d) concentrated

Which of the following properties is NOT characteristic of acidic solutions?
a) has a sour taste
b) conducts electricity
c) feels slippery
d) is corrosive to certain metals

Which of the following mixture is NOT an example of a substance?
a) drinking water
b) air
c) brass
d) pizza

When aqueous solutions of table salt and silver nitrate are mixed, a white solid forms. This solid is _____________.
a) soluble
b) a precipitate
c) an alloy
d) a solute

Stainless steel is an example of a ___________ solution.
a) liquid-solid
b) solid-liquid
c) solid-solid
d) gas-solid

The solubility of sodium chloride (table salt) in water at 10 degrees celsius is 32 g in 100 g of water. If 14 g of sodium chloride are dissolved in 50 g of water at 10 degrees Celsius, the solution is ____________.
a) saturated
b) dilute
c) concentrated
d) acidic

The amount of table sugar that will dissolve in 1 kg of water can be increased by _______________.
a) stirring the solution
b) heating the solution
c) breaking the sugar into smaller pieces
d) doing any of the above

A solution with a pH of 13 is a
a) weak acid
b) weak base
c) strong acid
d) strong base

How does a solution with a pH of 2 compare to a solution with a pH of 1?
a) The pH 2 solution is two times more acidic than that with a pH of 1.
b) The pH 1 solution is ten times more acidic than that with a pH of 2.
c) The pH 1 solution is two times more basic than that with a pH of 2.
d) The pH 2 solution is ten times more acidic than that with a pH of 1.

conducts electricity in water
a) acid
b) base
c) both
d) neither

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