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Which is an example of sustainable development
a) Officails in Thailand limit fishing in surrounding waters to give local fish sufficient time to reproduce
b) Central government planners in Vietnam order factories to increase production by 20% over the next two years
c) Oil companies drill in the Gulf of Mexico in an attempt to find new reserves of oil
d) Brazil cuts down sections of the Amazon Rainforest to provide lumber and to create new farms and ranches

What has been the primary reason for the increased immigration from Latin America to the United States over the last 30 years
a) To escape the threat of communism
b) To avoid natural disasters
c) To obtain religous freedoms
d) To find new economic opportunities

Chile is over 2600 miles long and a little over 100 miles wide. Which statement best describes Chile's climate
a) Its climate is uniformily cold
b) There are wide variationsin its climate
c) Most of Chile has tropical weather
d) Temperatures are generally warmer in the south than in the north

Whcih of the following is an effect of Spanish colonization still evident in Latin America today
a) Most Latin Americans are descended from American Indians
b) Most Latin Americans speak English as their second language
c) Most Latin Amercians nations are goverened from Madrid Spain
d) Most Latin Amercians follow the Catholic religion

25% of prescription drugs come from rapidly disappearing tropical forests. Which of the following situation can be referred
a) The rapid growth of urban populations
b) The release of toxic chemicals into Earth's habitats
c) The rapid conversation of an important habitat to other uses
d) The spread of invasive species to non native habitats

Which process identifies the shift of major areas of human settlement from the contryside to towns and cities
a) Globalization
b) Desertfication
c) Urbanization
d) Commercialization

Which of the following best explains for the climate distribution of northern Brazil
a) Being locatied tropical latitudes
b) The effects of the flow of cool ocean currents
c) Distance from the continental shelf
d) Evaluation above sea level

One way that San Jose and Port au Prince are similar is that both
a) Have european origins
b) are port cities
c) are centers of higher learning
d) have high unemployment

Costa Rica produces more than 80% of its electricity in hydroelectric plants. Which of the following would have the greatest impact on Costa Rica's ability to produce electricity
a) The inadequate enforcement of laws protecting conservation areas
b) A change in climate resulting in less rainfall
c) The inability to collect fines for excessive use of utilities
d) a lack of business incentives for developing green technology

Which of the conclusions can be made about South America during different time periods
a) All of South America was independent by 1828
b) Spain continued to rule over colonies in South America after 1828
c) Most of South America gained independence between 1790 and 1828
d) Between 1790 and 1828 South American political boundries remained unchanged

Which of the following best explains the African Influence on Brazilian culture
a) The establishment of Brazilian colonies in Africa
b) The exploration of Brazil by African sailors
c) The forced migration of Africans to Brazil
d) The formation of an alliance between African Union and Brazil

One of the benefits of the Panama Canal Expansion is an example of how technology and human modifications of the environment can
a) Increase demand for renewable energy sources
b) result in the irreversable destruction of natural resources
c) rbe used as bargaining tools by a regulatory body
d) contribute to the economic development of a country

Which event had the greatest impact on the culture of South America
a) The immigration of laborers from Asia
b) The completion of the Panama Canal
c) The rise of Marxist revolutionaries
d) The arrival of Spanish conquerors

Latin American countries that share Spanish and Roman Catholics can be attributed to which of the following
a) History of colonization by a European country
b) Preservation of Mayan and Aztec traditions
c) Past military alliance with one another
d) Economic relationship with industrialized contries to their north

Which of the following would an improving educational opportunity in Brazil most likely have on the economic of this country
a) More Brazilians will engage in growing crops for export
b) Most Brazilians will enter high tech industries
c) Fewer Brazilian will leave the Amazon Rainforest
d) Fewere Brazilians will enter manufacturing industries

Which best describes a totalitarian dictatorship
a) A country where a group of leaders makes some decisions along with the people
b) A country ruled by the people through elections
c) A country where a small group of people makes all of the decision for a society
d) A country where a single leader makes all of the decision

The outcome of the 1898 event illustrated which of the following
a) Decreased US naval presence in the Caribbean Sea
b) Decreased US economic influence in the Western Hemisphere
c) Increased US public support for the construction of a canal through Central America
d) Increased US foreign aid to the developing contries in South America

Due to physical barriers in South America such as the Amazon Rainforest and the Andes Mountains, most population are located where
a) Along the rivers
b) In the south
c) Along the coast
d) In The West

Which of the following best illustrates sustainable development
a) Country A has cut down som of its forests to create more farmland
b) Country B requres lumber companies to plant more trees than they cut down.
c) Country C refines its own crude oil so that it does not need to import foreign oil
d) Country D requires all new building to be able to withstand earthquakes.

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