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This agency is international , but U.S. sponsered
a) CDC
b) WHO
c) Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
d) FDA

Medicare is :
a) Is run on the state level
b) Is medicaid also
c) A governmental health care plan for adults 65 and older
d) none of the above

A Non-Profit agency:
a) Makes a profit but reinvests its profits in itself
b) Is a private agency
c) does not make a profit
d) only serves private citizens

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO)s provides which services
a) medical services
b) rehab services
c) health education, preventive health care, and basic medical services
d) none of the above

Rehabilitation facilities :
a) Provide physical, occupational, recreational, speech, hearing therapies
b) Only physical and occupational therapies
c) Speech and hearing therapy only
d) swimming training

Emergency care services include:
a) Ambulance , rescue squads, helicopter
b) Ambulances only
c) airplanes only
d) a only

Which statement is true of Hospice:
a) Provides very aggressive medical care
b) Only takes place in the patient's home
c) Goal is to restore patients to the optimal health
d) Cares for the terminally ill

Optical centers provide care for:
a) ears
b) ears, nose , and throat
c) eyes
d) none of the above

Some Home Health services include
a) Occupational therapy
b) Physical therapy
c) 1 and 2
d) hospice care

Some clinical facilities are all except:
a) Urgent care
b) Extended care facility
c) Outpatient clinics
d) Rehabilitation

Hospitals are :
a) General
b) Government owned
c) Speciality
d) All of the above

All are examples of Long Term Care Facilities except:
a) University Medical Centers
b) Assisted Living
c) Nursing Home
d) Skilled facility

This agency sets infection control standards for health care facilities
b) DEA
d) CDC

This agency inspects and monitors employers' compliance to safety standards
a) FBI
d) FDA

Before a drug is marketed and sold it must be approved by the :
a) WHO
b) NIH
c) FDA

Medicaid is a health insurance for low income families, babies,and
a) its funds are regulated by the city managers
b) its funds are regulated by the individual state
c) its funds are distributed by the United Way Agency
d) none of the above

A newly diagnosed communicable disease such as TB has to first be reported to
a) City Hall
c) State Health Department
d) FDA

School Health Services :
a) Provides on site nursing services
b) Assists students with taking their medications
c) Must be notified of student injuries on school grounds
d) all are true

Medical offices
a) Physical exams only
b) Provide exams, minor surgery, lab test
c) Does not perform surgery
d) all of the above

Hospitals are also described as:
a) A long term care facility
b) Acute care
c) none of the above
d) both A and B

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