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What is characterization?
a) The time and place of a story.
b) The people or animals in a story
c) This is how the author describes the character to the reader.
d) How the story progresses

What is climax?
a) The beginning of the story where you learn the characters
b) The greatest point of interest in a story; usually there is a turning point and characters change.
c) The end of the story when the conflict is resolved
d) A struggle or clash between opposing forces.

What is Theme?
a) How you feel about the story.
b) The message, moral or life lesson the author wants the reader to understand after reading the story.
c) The use of clues or hints to express meaning
d) The writer tells you what the character is like by showing what the character does.

What is cause and effect?
a) The cause is the reason and the effect is what happens.
b) The because and the after effect.
c) a struggle that takes place within a character's mind.
d) opposing forces

What is foreshadowing?
a) When shadows are described for each character
b) happiness in the story
c) When hints or clues are given to the reader to predict what will happen later in the story

What happens in the exposition?
a) characters are introduced, setting is given and conflict is introduced
b) setting
c) setting and plot
d) characters are introduced

What are the five elements of Plot?
a) beginning, middle, climax, resolution, end
b) exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution
c) exposition, rising middle, high point, falling action, end
d) first section, second section, third section, fourth section, and fifth section

What is the resolution?
a) The ending of the story when the conflict is resolved.
b) After the conflict is introduced.
c) The greatest point of interest or suspense in a story.

What is plot?
a) This is the element of plot used to develop the characters and conflict.
b) The last element of plot where the conflict is resolved.
d) The chain of event that make up a story.

What must all stories include?
a) Conflict; no one wants to read a story with no conflict
b) Action
c) Joy
d) metaphor

How does an author show the reader a character's personality or traits?
a) Plot
b) Reading the story
c) Direct and Indirect characterization
d) Theme and Main Idea

Which meaning explains appearance as Indirect Characterization?
a) The writer tells you what the character is like by letting you listen to the character's inner thoughts and feelings.
b) The writer tells you what the character is like by describing how the character looks and dresses.
c) The writer tells you what the character is like by revealing how others respond to the character.

What does Direct Characterization mean?
a) The writer tells you what the character is like by letting you hear the character speak.
b) The writer tells the Theme of the story at the end of the text.
c) The writer tells you what the character is like by telling you directly what the character's personality is like (sad, nice).

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