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Japan was heavily influenced by
a) China
b) India
c) Europe
d) Africa

Japan received it's writing system from
a) China
b) Europe
c) Ghana
d) Songhai

Japan's indigenous religion was
a) Shinto
b) Buddhism
c) Christianity
d) Animalism

What best describes how the Heian society of Japan worked?
a) The Heian society valued scholarship and strived to create a meritocracy
b) The Heian society valued beauty
c) The Heian society valued loyalty and land
d) The Heian society valued the ideas of Confucius

The Tale of Genji
a) is an account of the cultural diffusion in Japan from China and Korea
b) tells us more about Heian culture
c) demonstrates the life of a samurai
d) was published for children's bed time stories

Samurai soliders were
a) well trained in Buddhism as well as warfare
b) well trained in only warfare
c) well trained to keep peace on the streets of Japan
d) believed they were the only ones capable of maintaining order in Japan

Binding women feet is an example of
a) the belief that women were superior to men in Japanese society
b) how women were treated to more strict beauty regimes in Japanese society
c) how women weren't valued as much as men in Japanese society

The government of China was a bureaucracy which means
a) a large group of workers in an organized system
b) a monarchy with a King and or Queen
c) a Republic wherein citizens vote for their leaders

A samurai's job was to
a) serve and protect the peasant farmers
b) serve and protect the shogun
c) serve and protect himself

Lady Murasaki was
a) a Japanese author
b) a Japanese samurai soldier
c) a Japanese leader

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