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Much of the world's oil supply is shipped through the narrow waterway between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula called the:
a) Panama Canal
b) Suez Canal
c) Jordan River
d) Strait of Hormuz

Which river is the key water source for Israel, Lebanon, and Syria?
a) Tigris River
b) Euphrates River
c) Jordan River
d) Suez Canal

Because mountains block winds coming from the oceans, much of the interior of Southwest Asia is:
a) desert
b) grassland
c) fertile farmland
d) full of lakes

Which rivers flower through Turkey, Syria, and Iraq?
a) Jordan and Tigris
b) Jordan and Euphrates
c) Tigris and Euphrates
d) Red and Jordan

Disputes over what 2 natural resources are problematic for many SW Asia countries?
a) oil and water
b) water and diamonds
c) diamonds and natural gas
d) oil and diamonds

What are 3 major water problems in SW Asia?
a) water shortages, unequal distribution, pollution
b) flooding, pollution, dams
c) too much ground water, aquifers, pollution
d) water shortages, flooding, pollution

Which country's water treatment plants have been damaged by decades of war?
a) Turkey
b) Syria
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Iraq

The process of removing salt from salt water in order to make it suitable for farming and drinking is known as:
a) desalination
b) naturalization
c) absorption
d) extraction

Because of its harsh climate, which country has to rely on desalination plants to provide most of its citizens' drinking water?
a) Israel
b) Turkey
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Syria

The oldest religion in SW Asia is:
a) Judaism
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Buddhism

What issue led to the split between Sunni and Shia Muslims?
a) The Shia wanted to change the direction of prayer to Medina rather than Mecca.
b) The Sunni wanted to change part of the 5 Pillars.
c) The Shia believed only Arabs could be Muslims. The Sunni did not.
d) They disagreed over who should lead Muslims after Muhammad's death.

The majority of people in SW Asia belong to what ethnic group?
a) Persians
b) Kurds
c) Arabs
d) Jews

Today, most Iranians speak Farsi and belong to this ethnic group:
a) Arabs
b) Persians
c) Kurds
d) Jews

What ethnic group lives in the mountains of Turkey and Iraq
a) Jews
b) Kurds
c) Arabs
d) Persians

What desert stretches across southern Mongolia and northern China?
a) Gobi
b) Taklimakan
c) Atacama
d) Kalahari

What sea lies between Vietnam and the Philippines and has violent monsoons and typhoons?
a) South China Sea
b) Sea of Japan
c) Bay of Bengal
d) Red Sea

This seasonal wind can bring heavy rainfall that can be a blessing for farmers but also a curse due to flooding:
a) hurricane
b) monsoon
c) tornado
d) tsunami

This river is sacred in the Hindu religion:
a) Amazon
b) Mekong
c) Yellow
d) Ganges

9 of the world's 10 highest peaks are in this mountain range, including Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world:
a) Andes Mountains
b) Alps
c) Himalayan Mountains
d) Ural Mountains

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