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What was the name of the military alliance formed by the United States, Canada, and ten European nations following World War II.
a) The League of Nations
b) The North Atlantic Treaty Organization
c) The United Nations
d) The Warsaw Pact

What event put the U.S. on the brink of nuclear war in the early 1960s?
a) The construction of the Berlin Wall
b) East Germany becoming communist
c) Cuban Missile Crisis
d) The Russian Revolution

What are the two terms used to describe the dividing line between eastern and western, communist and noncommunist areas?
a) NATO and Warsaw Pact
b) Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain
c) Allied Powers and Axis Powers
d) Nazi Germany and Free Germany

When was the Cold War?
a) after World War II
b) before World War I
c) between World War I and World War II
d) before the worldwide economic depression

Which was one of the areas of disagreement between the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War?
a) defeat of Hitler
b) best type of economic system
c) the danger of nuclear weapons
d) the need to work with other countries

Which country was the leader of the Eastern Bloc?
a) Germany
b) Soviet Union
c) United States
d) United Kingdom

Which condition is required to be considered a superpower?
a) a space program
b) membership in NATO
c) democratic government
d) influence over world events

As a world superpower, the United States had
a) the KGB, a spy network.
b) military bases all over the world.
c) influence over communist dictatorships
d) the second-largest economy in the world.

As a world superpower, the Soviet Union had
a) support from NATO.
b) the largest navy in the world.
c) strong ties with Latin America.
d) a seat on the UN Security Council.

The Warsaw Pact was to the Soviet Union as NATO was to the
a) Eastern Bloc
b) United States
c) West Germany
d) European Union

Why did Gorbachev reduce government control of the economy?
a) citizens demanded more personal freedom
b) other Eastern Bloc countries were reducing control
c) an unstable economy due to increased military spending
d) not shown

What was the largest country created from the former Soviet Union?
a) Belarus
b) Germany
c) Russia
d) Ukraine

What marked the end of the Cold War?
a) the rule of Gorbachev
b) the creation of Russia
c) the break-up of the Soviet Union
d) the destruction of the Berlin Wall

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