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A circulation of liquids or gases around a central axis
a) Vortex
b) Cold air mass
c) Warm air mass
d) Radiation

Quickly rises, not dense, separated particles, a lot of energy
a) Cold air mass
b) Warm air mas
c) Conduction
d) Convection

Dense, tightly packed, sinks, stays low, very slow
a) Land breeze
b) Warm air mass
c) Cold air mass
d) Sea Breeze

What happens when hot air meets cold air?
a) Vortex can be formed
b) Thunderstorm
c) Wind
d) All of the above

How do hurricanes form?
a) Rotating storm that rises when moist warm air rises over tropical waters
b) Solar energy radiates
c) High pressure and a cold front
d) Soil heating faster than water

How are hurricanes and tornadoes alike?
a) Vortices and high wind speed
b) Destructive and both have scales
c) Catastrophic events
d) All of the above

How are hurricanes and tornadoes different?
a) Hurricanes over water and tornadoes over flat land
b) Hurricanes are slow and tornadoes are fast
c) Tornadoes are not named and hurricanes are
d) All of the above

How does the sun affect weather?
a) Source of energy, radiates , causes uneven heating
b) Causes precipitation
c) Causes hurricanes
d) Causes high wind speed

Circulating flow of air or water due to uneven heating
a) Conduction
b) Convection Currennt
c) Radiation
d) Air mass

Which is a state in tornadoe alley?
a) New York
b) Florida
c) Kansas
d) Vermont

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