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A lamp needs all of the above to work EXCEPT
a) lamp shade
b) electric cord
c) outlet plug
d) light bulb

A flashlight may not work for all of the reasons EXCEPT
a) no batteries
b) the light bulb is scratched
c) the switch is off
d) batteries are too old

A conductor of electricity is
a) ceramic
b) plastic
c) wood
d) metal

A good insulator is
a) metal
b) glass
c) styrofoam
d) plastic

Which statement is true
a) a pot will boil by itself
b) metal is a bad conductor
c) wood is a good insulator
d) wood is a good conductor

A circuit must have all of the following except
a) closed circuit
b) open circuit
c) must be complete
d) must have a working battery

a) stop electricity
b) let electricity pass through
c) metal
d) copper

Conductors are
a) insulators
b) let energy pass through
c) stop energy
d) plastic

Magnetic fields increase if you do ALL EXCEPT
a) increase the space of the loops
b) put alot of loops together tightly as many as you can
c) increase the electric charge
d) add more metal like iron

This week we studied
a) electricity
b) the ocean
c) climate and weather
d) forces

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