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Which separation technique is used when the different colors of ink are separated?
a) filtration
b) screening
c) chromoatography
d) magnetism

Which separation technique is used when salt is left on the bottom of a cup that once had salt water in it and had been left out over time?
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) filtration
d) chromatography

Which separation technique is used when your separate coffee beans from coffee?
a) screening
b) sifting
c) filtration
d) boiling

Which separation technique is used when picking up staples that fell into a box of rice?
a) screening
b) sorting
c) chromatography
d) magnetism

Which separation technique is used when separating large clumps of powdered sugar from small, fine sugar for baking?
a) sorting
b) sifting/screening
c) filtration
d) evaporation

Which separation technique is used when you pick out the olives off of a pizza?
a) sorting
b) sifting
c) screening
d) filtration

Which is an example of an element?
a) salt
b) water
c) candy
d) gold

Which is an example of a compound?
a) salt
b) pond water
c) silver
d) trail mix

Which is NOT an example of a mixture?
a) kool aid
b) lemonade
c) sugar
d) milk

What is the smallest basic unit of all matter?
a) element
b) molecule
c) cell
d) atom

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