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The Cold War is...
a) ... a war between Germany and the USA.
b) ... a battle between Germany and the USA.
c) ... a war with the Soviet Union where battles occured.
d) ... a war with the Soviet Union where there were no battles.

What is the Iron Curtain?
a) A physical curtain in Germany.
b) A metaphor about the barrier in Germany.
c) An iron curtain that can be bought in Ikea.
d) A curtain that can be hung in living rooms.

This is the term for keeping communism from spreading.
a) Containment
b) Commies
c) Russians
d) Stay where you are!

This organization was formed to keep peace throughout the world.
a) GI Bill of Rights
d) International Council for Peace

Who was the leader of the USA after FDR died?
a) Kennedy
b) Truman
c) Teddy Roosevelt
d) Stalin

This was an American policy to stop Soviet imperialism.
b) GI Bill of Rights
c) MacArthur Doctrine
d) Truman Doctrine

Who is George Marshall?
a) The President in the Cold War
b) The Vice-President in the Cold War
c) A military leader in the Cold War
d) A famous actor in the 1940's

What did the Soviets do to the city of Berlin?
a) They united the East and West parts.
b) They built a wall through the middle of the city.
c) They didn't do anything.
d) They gave up their part of the city.

Who was the leader of China's communist revolution?
a) Truman
b) Mao Zedong
c) Chiang Kai-shek
d) Stalin

What Chinese leader did the United States support?
a) Truman
b) Mao Zedong
c) Chiang Kai-shek
d) Stalin

Where was Korea divided?
a) Where the dividing line was
b) The 38th parallel
c) 10 kilometers above the Equator
d) The 40th parallel

Which country supported North Korea?
a) United States of America
b) Mexico
c) China
d) Soviet Union

Who commanded the US troops in Korea?
a) Truman
b) MacArthur
c) McCarthy
d) Mao Zedong

What was the outcome of the Korean War?
a) Korea stayed in one peace.
b) Korea was split into North and South.
c) Korea was split into East and West.
d) The Soviet Union took over Korea.

Who is Joseph McCarthy?
a) A Senator for Wisconsin.
b) A Minnesota Vikings fan.
c) The governor of Wisconsin.
d) A famous actor from Tommy Boy.

What is McCarthyism?
a) The practice of accusing someone without out proper evidence.
b) The practice of accusing someone with the proper evidence.
c) A person who supported Joseph McCarthy.
d) A person who rioted in McCarthy's mansion.

What is the HUAC?
a) A company owned by NATO.
b) The House Un-American Activities Committee.
c) The House of United Americans Commission.
d) Cuba's form of NATO.

What is a blacklist?
a) A list of all Americans who are black.
b) A list on a black piece of paper.
c) A list of people viewed with suspicion or disapproval.
d) A drama series starring James Spader and Megan Boone.

What organization was set up to spy on other countries?
b) CIA
c) FBI

Who became the new leader of the USSR after Stalin died?
a) Stalin's son
b) Nikita Khrushchev
c) Stalin's ghost
d) ā€ˇMikhail Kalinin

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