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The one thing that Gregor Mendel realized could explain the results of his experiments was that
a) the traits were appearing at random
b) the male traits were always the dominant ones
c) each trait had two sets of instructions, one from each parent
d) his important research would open the door to modern genetics

What carries the genes that determine sex?
a) homologous chromosomes
b) pedigree
c) sex chromosomes
d) phenotype

Instructions for an inherited trait are called
a) alleles
b) phenotype
c) albinism
d) genes

The different forms of a gene that decided a characteristic are known as
a) alleles
b) pheontypes
c) albinism
d) genes

What did Mendel discover about recessive traits?
a) Recessive traits reappear in the second generation
b) recessive traits disappear altogether
c) recessive traits never appear in the second genearation
d) recessive traits become dominant

Which one of the following is the name for the way cells divide in asexual reproduction?
a) twins
b) mitosis
c) meiosis
d) homolgous

This diagram is used to trace a trait through generations of a family.
a) pedigree
b) selective breeding
c) meiosis
d) generation sqare

what are chromosomes that carry the same sets of genes?
a) twin chromosomes
b) homologous chromosomes
c) ordinary chromosomes
d) asexual chromosomes

What is a feature that has different forms in a population?
a) pedigree
b) characteristic
c) fertilization
d) trait

Sex-linked disordered are caused by males' having
a) only one X chromosomes
b) two Y chromosomes
c) two X chromosomes
d) one X and one Y chromsomes

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