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Which of the following is an example of refraction of light
a) a straw that looks bent in a cup of water
b) your reflection in a mirror
c) your reflection in a calm lake or pond
d) a tennis ball bouncing off a raquet

Four items are left out in the sunshine for two hours. Which item will experience the largest increase in temperature?
a) black shirt
b) white shirt
c) red shirt
d) yellow shirt

Which of the following has the HIGHEST index of refraction
a) diamonds
b) eyeglasses
c) drinking glass
d) wooden block

Which of the following would give the best reflected image?
a) a still lake
b) a choppy lake
c) a dirty glass window
d) a wooden block

Light is reflected off ______objects
a) opaque
b) transparent
c) clear
d) a foggy mirror

Light is transmitted through ___ objects
a) transparent
b) opaque
c) wooden
d) a foggy mirror

A green pepper absorbs the wavelengths of which color(s)?
a) red
b) green
c) orange
d) it absorbs both red and orange

Which of the following is evidence that light waves can bend?
a) a prism
b) a wooden block
c) light doesn't bend
d) a flat (plane) mirror

Which of the following is evidence that light can be scattered?
a) choppy water
b) a flat (plane) mirror
c) shiny metal
d) a wooden block

When light hits an object of this color, all light is reflected.
a) white
b) green
c) black
d) red

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