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In a series circuit if one of the bulbs burns out,
a) the other bulbs will continue to glow.
b) the circuit will be broken and the other bulbs will be dark.
c) the other bulbs will be dimmer.
d) the other bulbs will be brigher.

The flow of electricity through a conductor is called
a) repulsion
b) attraction
c) current
d) electric field

A parallel circuit is a circuit in which
a) current speeds up
b) current stops flowing
c) current follows a single path
d) current follows more than one path

Particles with like charges
a) pull on each other
b) push each other away
c) detract
d) fuse

A material through which electricity doesn’t flow.
a) insulator
b) open circuit
c) conductor
d) closed circuit

A device that can open/close a circuit is called a(n)
a) open circuit
b) closed circuit
c) switch
d) schematic

When charge builds up on your body after rubbing your feet on the carpet, what happens?
a) static electricity
b) shock waves
c) magnetic field
d) electric charge

What do the long straight lines represent in a circuit diagram?
a) motors
b) wires
c) batteries
d) connections

If there is a 1.5V battery and a bulb on a simple series circuit and the battery is changed to a 3V, what happens to the bulb?
a) it gets dimmer
b) it gets brighter
c) it gets overheated
d) nothing happens

What provides the energy to light a light bulb?
a) electric field
b) magnetic field
c) circuit board
d) voltage source

In a simple series circuit, why does the bulb light when you close the switch?
a) the switch produces electricity
b) closing the switch completes the circuit
c) closing the switch breaks the circuit
d) it gets energized

Which of the following is an electrical device?
a) light bulb
b) toaster
c) hairdryer
d) all of them

What is a pathway for the flow of electricity?
a) circuit
b) wire
c) tunnel
d) current

What happens when more than one voltage source is added to a circuit in series?
a) the voltages are added together
b) the voltages cancel each other out
c) the voltage are multiplied together
d) the voltage of each source decreases

Which of the following parts of circuit changes electrical energy into another form of energy?
a) resistor
b) conductor
c) base
d) voltage source

Current always follows
a) a path made of wire
b) a path containing an electrical device
c) a closed path
d) an open circuit

When you open a switch in a circuit, you
a) form a closed path for current
b) reverse the current
c) turn off its electrical devices
d) turn on its electrical devices

As you add more and more light bulbs to a series circuit,
a) each bulb in the circuit grows dimmer and dimmer
b) the bulbs burn at their brightest
c) the circuit is broken
d) the bulbs stop glowing

Circuits convert electrical energy into other forms of energy such as
a) heat
b) sound
c) mechanical
d) all of them

A static charge is
a) property that allows an object to exert an electric force on another object without touching it
b) the space around a particle through which an electric charge can exerts its force
c) a buildup of electric charge in an object caused by the presence of many particles with the same charge

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