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A star shines because
a) it is on fire
b) there are chemical reactions taking place inside of it
c) there are nuclear reactions taking place inside of it
d) there are electrical storms happening inside of it

We see stars as they were in the past because their images have been burned into the universe forever.
a) True
b) False

The color of a star tells us its
a) mass
b) circumference
c) life span
d) temperature

Two stars that orbit around each others mass is called a
a) binary star system
b) multiple star system
c) dual star
d) nova

Our Sun has about ___ years left.
a) 5 million
b) 5 billion
c) 5 trillion
d) 10 billion

Our galaxy is called the
a) Sombrero Galaxy
b) Andromeda Galaxy
c) Southern Pinwheel Galaxy
d) Milky Way Galaxy

Most of the mass in a galaxy emits light.
a) True
b) False

The universe reuses things created in stars.
a) True
b) False

The theory that explains how the universe formed is called the
a) giant impact theory
b) the nebular theory
c) the atomic theory
d) the big bang theory

The phase of the moon in which no light is reflected is called the
a) new moon
b) full moon
c) first quarter
d) last quarter

A galaxy shaped like a ball is called a(n)
a) elliptical galaxy
b) irregular galaxy
c) spiral galaxy
d) Milky Way galaxy

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