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Over the last million years, what has happened to the total amount of water on earth?
a) Decreased
b) Increased
c) Stayed relatively the same
d) Risen and then fallen

Why is water called a universial solvent?
a) It exists in three different states.
b) It dissolves into many other substances.
c) It moves easily through tiny pores in materials.
d) It dissolves many different substances.

An increase in which characteristic most likely indicates that sewage is in a stream?
a) Density
b) Nitrate
c) pH
d) Temperature

Why should oceans be protected?
a) Provide food and oxygen
b) Provide important trade routes
c) Serve as international borders
d) Oceans serve as an important salt reservoir

What causes water molecules to stick to each other?
a) Adhesion
b) Cohesion
c) Density
d) Polarity

What would best allow an oceanographer to study the deep ocean?
a) Submersible
b) Seismograph
c) Scuba gear
d) Satellite data

Upwelling is the rise of cold water from the depths of the oceans. Which statement best describes the importance of upwelling?
a) The waves created by the rising water is good for surfing.
b) The nutrients and minerals in the rising water support a diverse population of ocean creatures.
c) The rising cold water mixes with warm water and keeps the Earth from freezing.
d) The currents created by the rising water interact with wind belts to form global winds.

What would most likely cause an increase in a stream’s turbidity level?
a) Acid rain
b) Dissolved minerals
c) Erosion
d) High bacterial levels

What is one method of conserving water?
a) Channeling water through an open ditch to irrigate fields
b) Reusing water in a factory to cool overheated machines
c) Watering yards during the middle of the day
d) Brushing teeth with the water running

During the eutrophication of a lake, fertilizers increase the nutrient levels in the water. What best describes how the excess nutrients affect the lake?
a) Overproduction of algae; dissolved oxygen drops; fish die
b) Dissolved oxygen rises; algae increases; fish population increases.
c) Temperature drops; plants increase; populations increase
d) pH drops; plants die; fish die

What characteristic explains why water has many unusual properties?
a) Water molecules do not form solids
b) Water is a polar molecule
c) Water is a non-polar molecule
d) Water molecules do not have electrically charged areas

Why is chlorine added during the water treatment process?
a) To reduce odors
b) To aid in filtering the solids
c) It increases the turbidity level
d) To kill harmful microorganisms

What is the most likely reason it is illegal to dump chemicals into the soil?
a) Chemicals catch on fire
b) Chemicals fertilize the ground
c) Chemicals contaminate groundwater
d) Chemicals cause insect populations to grow

Why are most lakes freshwater?
a) Most lakes have an outlet through which salt flows downstream.
b) The rivers that fill most lakes do not contain any salt.
c) In most lakes organisms absorb any salt present.
d) Salt sinks to the bottom of most lakes.

What will most likely happen to a full bottle of water when it is place in the freezer?
a) The water and bottle will remain the same.
b) The water will shrink and collapse the bottle.
c) The water will expand and crack the bottle.
d) The water will stick to itself.

Which statement most accurately describes the water cycle?
a) Oceans will someday dry up due to evaporation.
b) Oceans become larger every year due to precipitation.
c) Oceans stay about the same level because not enough water evaporates to affect water levels.
d) Oceans stay about the same level because water that evaporates returns as precipitation.

Why do tributaries merge to form the Cape Fear River?
a) Depth of the water
b) Slope of the land
c) Speed of the water
d) Length of the streams

Runoff from hog farms on the Coastal Plains works its way into the Cape Fear watershed. Where is this polluted runoff most likely filtered?
a) Cape Fear Estuary
b) Cape Fear River
c) Waste ponds
d) Local streams

What is the difference between point and non point sources of pollution?
a) Point source kills organisms and non point does not.
b) The exact cause of point source pollution can be identified.
c) The exact cause of non point source pollution can be identified.
d) Non point source pollution kills organisms and point source pollution does not.

What makes up the majority of surface level fresh water on Earth?
a) Oceans
b) Glacier and ice caps
c) Lakes
d) Rivers and streams

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