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Your heart, veins, capillaries, and arteries work together to
a) transport materials throughout your body
b) produce antigens
c) grow new cells on your skin surface
d) produce pathogens

The cells that deliver oxygen to other cells are
a) plasma
b) white blood cells
c) platelets
d) red blood cells

Blood pressure is the pressure that blood exerts on your
a) lymph nodes
b) red blood cells
c) blood vessels
d) white blood cells

How do pathogens enter your body through the skin?
a) through oil glands
b) through sweat glands
c) through a cut or an injury
d) by dissolving into surface liquids

When foreign material enters the body, one way the immune system responds is by
a) lowering the body temperature
b) shutting down the circulatory system
c) producing excess red blood cells
d) producing antibodies

When skin gets damaged, the body releases histamines, which cause
a) swelling, redness, and heat
b) passive immunity
c) constricting, paleness, and heat
d) active immunity

You develop active immunity to a pathogen by
a) storing white blood cells
b) producing specific antibodies
c) producing histamines
d) increasing blood flow

One function of the skin is to
a) regulate blood flow
b) provide oxygen
c) produce antibodies
d) sense the environment

Which structure in the skin helps control body temperature?
a) epidermis
b) sweat glands
c) oil glands
d) nails

One way you can help you skin stay healthy is by
a) clipping your nails
b) keeping clean
c) cutting your hair
d) peeling sunburned skin

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