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Heads of households could get up to 200 acres through the
a) land lottery
b) headright system
c) Yazoo land fraud
d) Free land program

All are true of the Yazoo Lnnd Fraud EXCEPT
a) The U.S. government paid the state of Georgia $1.25 to settle claims.
b) Georgia gained new lands to the south.
c) Georgia's western boundary was changed.
d) The U.S. government promised to remove the Indians from Georgia.

Land was distributed to people in Georgia in all of the following ways EXCEPT
a) Land lotteries
b) Headright system
c) Yazoo Land Fraud
d) Land Ordinances

As a result of the Yazoo Land Fraud
a) Georgia's western boundary changed
b) Georgia gained new lands
c) Georgia increased it's populaton
d) Georgia now had a unicameral government

All of the following were an impact of the railroads EXCEPT
a) New jobs were not created
b) Cities and towns developed
c) Goods were transported faster through out the states
d) Atlanta became a major transportation hub

The impact of the cotton gin was
a) an increase in slavery
b) a decrease in slavery
c) the increase of small towns in Georgia
d) the decrease of population in Georgia

The invention of the cotton gin is credited to
a) Abraham Baldwin
b) Eve Johnson
c) Eli Whitney
d) William Few

Interest in religion increased during this time period by people attending
a) revivals and cathederals
b) camp meetings and charters
c) circuit riders and churches
d) camp meetings and revivials

Farmer/preachers who reached people in the back country of Georgia to spread religion were known as
a) horse riders
b) circuit riders
c) town riders
d) preacher riders

The leading religions in the state of Georgia during this time were the
a) Roman Catholics
b) Protestants and Catholics
c) Baptists and Methodists
d) Lutherans and Methodists

The University of Georgia was created through
a) the governor of Georgia.
b) the mayor of Savannah, GA.
c) the General Assembly.
d) the Judicial branch.

Louisville became the capital of Georgia because
a) it was the center of Georgia's population.
b) of the warm climate.
c) it had the largest ports.
d) it was named for the King of France.

The burning of the Yazoo Land Fraud records occurred
a) at the courthouse in Columbus, GA.
b) at the Macon Town Hall.
c) at the docks of Savannah.
d) capital building of Louisville, GA.

The first public school for higher learning in the United States established by a state government
a) Georgia Tech
b) Savannah State University
c) Armstrong State University
d) University of Georgia

The third capital of Georgia was
a) Atlanta
b) Savannah
c) Macon
d) Louisville

He was one of Georgia's signers to the U.S. Constitution and was instrumental in the establishment of the University of Georgia
a) James Oglethorpe
b) Abraham Baldwin
c) George Walton
d) William Few

The University of Georgia was created through a
a) ordinance
b) charter
c) petition
d) grant

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