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Which of the following materials would students use to make the light of a circuit glow when connected?
a) Plastic straw
b) Cotton String
c) Aluminum foil
d) Rubber Eraser

A piece of bread is stuck in a toaster. Why would it be unsafe to use a metal fork to remove the piece of bread from the toaster?
a) The fork will catch on fire
b) The fork will melt in the toaster
c) The fork will conduct electricity
d) The fork will damage the toaster

A student places a piece of glass over a tank of water. What happens to the speed of a light ray that shines from air through glass into the water?
a) It increases in both the glass and the water
b) It decreases in both the glass and the water
c) It increases in the class, then decreases in the water
d) it decreases in the glass, then increases in the water

Why do electric cords come with plastic coating wrapped over the wires?
a) Plastic is therefore a conductor and therefore helps the electricity move more smoothly through the wires
b) Plastic is an insulator and therefore prevents the wires from shocking you
c) Plastic comes in handy when trying to heat up the room through the process of convection
d) Plastic makes the wires look neat and decorative so that they can enhance the design of the buildings they are used in

A car skids along the road and smoke appears to becoming from under the tires. The heat that produces the smoke is caused by
a) magnetism
b) sound
c) light
d) friction

How is thermal energy transferred through a material?
a) by the collision of matter within the material
b) by the collision of atoms within the material
c) by the collision of crystal within the material
d) by the collision of light within the material

A metal spoon was left in a pot of boiling soup. The cook burned a finger by touching the spoon. Why did the finger get burned?
a) The metal spoon chemically reacted with the cook's hand
b) The metal spoon conducted electricity to the cook's hand
c) The metal spoon conducted heat to the cook's hand
d) The metal spoon insulated the cook's hand

Which material is the best conductor of electricity?
a) wood
b) metal
c) stone
d) plastic

How is energy transferred from the Sun to the Earth?
a) through sound waves
b) through air currents
c) through electromagnetic waves
d) through compressional waves

Bill stands in a swimming pool and notices that the water around his feet is a lot cooler than the water near the surface. Which process causes this difference in temperature?
a) convection
b) evaporation
c) radiation
d) conduction

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