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Which term means the movement of energy through space?
a) radiation
b) vacumm
c) black
d) absorption

An area that is completely empty of all matter
a) vacuum
b) visible light
c) sound waves
d) the atmosphere

Does electromagnetic radiation need a medium to travel through?
a) no
b) yes

Humans are able to see...
a) visible light
b) microwaves
c) the elctromagnetic spectrum
d) gamma rays

What two things are needed for a radio to work?
a) transmitter and receiver
b) transmitter and amplifier
c) water and electricity
d) electricity and batteries

Wireless communication is possible due to what type of electromagnetic radiation?
a) microwaves
b) visible light
c) gamma rays
d) xrays

How do AM and FM radio transmissions differ?
a) AM transmissions change the amplitude of the wave while FM transmissions change the frequency
b) AM transmissions change the frequency of the wave while FM transmissions change the amplitude
c) Am transmission use microwaves while FM transmissions use radio waves
d) AM waves are clearer than FM waves

Which form of electromagnetic radiation has the highes amount of energy?
a) gamma rays
b) radio waves
c) infrared light
d) UV rays

Which of the following is an example of transmission of light?
a) a light wave passing through clear glass
b) a light wave being absorbed by a paved parking lot
c) a light wave coming into contact with a metal bench
d) gamma rays

Which of the following is an example of reflection of light?
a) a light wave encountering a shiny metal car
b) a light wave hitting a solid dark surface
c) light wave passing through clear water
d) light scattering on choppy water

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