Louisiana As A Colony Review Question Preview (ID: 28011)

John Law, Bloody O'Reilly, And Etc.

After the French and Indian War, which country took over French lands?
a) Indians
b) Spanish
c) United States
d) Britain

Why did Spain enter the Revolutionary War?
a) because they liked George Washington
b) because they wanted to weaken Britain
c) because they didn't want to look like a whimp
d) because France did

In what cultural region did the Acadians settle?
a) Sportsman Paradise
b) Florida Parishes
c) Crossroads
d) Cajun Country

After the French and Indian War, the British kicked the Acadians out of ...
a) Louisiana
b) Nova Scotia
c) France
d) Spain

Who was the first Spanish governor of Louisiana?
a) Ulloa
b) John Law
c) Bloody O'Reilly
d) Napoleon

Who was sent to put down the Rebellion of 1768?
a) Ulloa
b) John Law
c) Bloody O'Reilly
d) Napoleon

What was so valuable in the Ohio River Valley that led to the French and Indian War?
a) Mississippi River
b) gold
c) fur
d) land

Which person is associated with the Mississippi Bubble?
a) Ulloa
b) John Law
c) Bloody O'Reilly
d) Napoleon

In which treaty did France secretly give the Louisiana colony to Spain?
a) Treaty of Fountainbleau
b) Treaty of San Idelfonso
c) Treaty of Paris
d) Treaty of Hersheys

When Louisiana was tranfered from France to Spain, the government went from the French Superior Council to...
a) the English Parliament
b) the Spanish conquestadors
c) the Spanish Cabildo
d) the English red coats

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