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What do we use for our grade book this week?
a) Jupiter Grades
b) Edmodo
c) Fishtree
d) Sapphire

In Greece, the Agora was the:
a) School
b) Marketplace
c) Bank
d) Blacksmith

How many days are in a cycle?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

Who is the Middle School principal?
a) Bridget Kozar
b) Bernie Kozar
c) Abby Linderman
d) Eileen Cannistraci

What is a flipped classroom?
a) A class where the desks are upside down
b) A class where students learn new content away from class, and apply it in class
c) A classroom where the teacher's desk is in the back of the room.
d) A classroom with the chalkboard in the back of the room.

Which of the following is true of a block schedule?
a) There tends to be more time wasted with students moving from class to class
b) More content needs to be covered, so lecture becomes more important
c) To keep students engaged, there should be plenty of meaningful activities
d) The classes tend to be shorter than in a traditional schedule

Who has access to Achieve 3000?
a) All Students
b) Only Tier 3 Students
c) Tier 2 and 3 students
d) Only Tier 1 Students

When does Winter break begin?
a) December 22
b) December 23
c) December 24
d) December 25

What does PLC stand for?
a) Personal Learning Coordinator
b) Please Learn Children!
c) Pure Learning Circumstances
d) Professional Learning Communities

What is your Christmas wish?
a) More time
b) Lump of coal
c) Less engaged students
d) More classes to teach

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