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The process of respiration allows the body to obtain
a) food
b) sunlight
c) oxygen
d) sugars

Oxygen passes from your alveoli into your blood in your
a) stomach
b) lungs
c) kidneys
d) diaphragm

During cellular respiration, your cells use oxygen and sugars to release
a) food
b) urine
c) energy
d) glucose

The body system that functions to produce speech is the
a) digestive system
b) skeletal system
c) urinary system
d) respiratory system

The digestive system breaks down foods, which supply necessary
a) urine
b) carbon dioxide
c) energy and materials
d) oxygen

Chewing food into smaller pieces with your teeth is a form of
a) peristalsis
b) exhalation
c) chemical digestion
d) mechanical digestion

Which of the following uses sweat glands to remove waste from the body?
a) skin
b) stomach
c) mouth
d) kidney

The kidneys are a part of the
a) circulatory system
b) urinary system
c) respiratory system
d) digestive system

The urinary system removes wastes from
a) food
b) water
c) blood
d) gases

The organ that helps maintain homeostasis by controlling the amount of water in your urine is called
a) bladder
b) kidney
c) gall bladder
d) pancreas

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