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To remember information, children repeat information after it is used. This technique is called:
a) concrete operations
b) conservation
c) rehearsal
d) seriation

During middle childhood, children usually become more _______.
a) dependent
b) focused on family
c) self-sufficient
d) all of these

At the beginning of middle childhood, boys are usually ______ than girls.
a) slightly shorter
b) slightly taller
c) much shorter
d) much taller

The number of inches children usually grow per year during early childhood is:
a) 3 to 4 inches
b) 2 to 3 inches
c) 1 to 2 inches
d) 0 to 1 inches

A factor that does NOT contribute to obesity is:
a) controlling portions
b) environment
c) family stress
d) genetics

The child's vocabulary ____ between the ages of 6 and 12.
a) doubles
b) increases slightly
c) remains the same
d) triples

Seriation can involve:
a) counting pennies
b) pouring liquids
c) sequencing story events
d) sorting by size and shape

The process where people define themselves in terms of the qualities, skills, and attributes they see in others:
a) compassion
b) empathy
c) self-esteem
d) social comparison

Following a recipe is an example of:
a) classification
b) conservation
c) rehearsal
d) seriation

Most school-age children choose close friends ______.
a) of the opposite gender
b) of the same gender
c) much older than they are
d) much younger than they are

Through participating in team sports, children _____.
a) develop decision-making skills when adults control the game
b) learn that winning is more important than having fun
c) have a negative outlook on the benefits of physical activity
d) often develop lifelong habits that contribute to a healthy lifestyle

By what age do most children have all their permanent teeth?
a) 6 years old
b) 8 years old
c) 10 years old
d) 12 years old

Ability to group by common attributes:
a) classification
b) seriation
c) operation
d) rehearsal

Ability to see close objects more clearly than those at a distance:
a) nearsighted
b) farsighted
c) operation
d) seriation

Ability to see objects at a distance more clearly than close objects.
a) nearsighted
b) farsighted
c) operation
d) seriation

Being aware of others' distress and wanting to help them:
a) operation
b) empathy
c) compassion
d) rehearsal

The process of acquiring the standards of behavior considered acceptable by a society:
a) moral development
b) social development
c) cognitive development
d) physical development

Ability to arrange items in increasing or decreasing order based on volume, size, or weight:
a) seriation
b) conservation
c) classification
d) rehearsal

Children from 6 to 12 years old:
a) preschoolers
b) middle childhood
c) early childhood
d) adolescents

The use of logic based on what you have seen or experienced:
a) concrete operations
b) formal operations
c) sensorimotor
d) preoperational

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