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Object's place or location
a) position
b) weight
c) motion
d) gravity

Rate at which the position of an object changes.
a) velocity
b) speed
c) direction
d) distance

PUSH or PULL that acts on an object, causing it to move, change speed or direction, or stop moving.
a) force
b) direction
c) weight
d) speed

Force that exists between any two objects that have mass, attracting or pulling them together.
a) direction
b) motion
c) gravity
d) weight

Rate at which an object moves in a certain DIRECTION and SPEED.
a) speed
b) gravity
c) motion
d) velocity

How far it is from one point to another.
a) distance
b) direction
c) motion
d) speed

Change in position or place
a) distance
b) motion
c) speed
d) velocity

_________________________ describes how far an object moves from its original position and the direction it moved.
a) motion
b) displacement
c) distance
d) reference points

Which 2 measurements are necessary to determine speed
a) distance and time
b) time and speed
c) distance and speed
d) speed and velocity

_____________________ __________________________ are determined by comparing the position to the position of nearby objects that are stationary, or not moving.
a) distance and speed
b) motion
c) reference points
d) position

SPEED = DISTANCE / TIME If Mrs. Crider traveled a distance of 150 meters on her scooter. It took her 3 seconds to complete the distance. What is Mrs. Crider's speed?.
a) 5 m/s
b) 30 m/s
c) 50 m/s
d) 9,999 m/s

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