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The organs that make up an organ system
a) are made of the same tissue
b) work together to perform a specific function
c) are located close together in the body
d) perform the same functions

Organs are made up of
a) organ systems
b) organisms
c) tissues
d) blood cells

A group of similar cells that function together make up
a) a tissue
b) an atom
c) a body system
d) an element

The systems in your body
a) perform identical functions
b) function best when they are separate from one another
c) interact with one another to provide for the body's needs
d) change organs depending on need

The name of the stable internal condition that the body's systems work to maintain is
a) homeostasis
b) homeopathy
c) temperature
d) blood pressure

What often happens to a body if one of its organ systems cannot function properly?
a) The body is usually not affected.
b) The body maintains homeostasis.
c) The body improves and grows.
d) The body suffers or does not survive.

All living things are made up of at least one
a) tissue
b) cell
c) organ
d) organ system

Which of the following best describes blood vessels?
a) Blood vessels carry blood throughout your body.
b) Blood vessels form blood clots when your skin gets cut.
c) Blood vessels produce white blood cells.
d) Blood vessels filter out damaged blood cells.

The type of muscle that provides your body with some of its automatic movement is called
a) voluntary muscle
b) fibrous muscle
c) skeletal muscle
d) smooth muscle

In order to function, live, and grow, all living things need
a) energy
b) food
c) tissue
d) organs

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