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Light enter through this clear part of the eye
a) The cornea
b) The optic nerve
c) The cones
d) The tear duct

These make tears that help clean out the eye
a) The eyelash
b) tear glands
c) The optic nerve
d) The pupil

This is the colored part of the eye
a) The eyebrow
b) The pupil
c) The iris
d) The eyelid

These two senses are closely related together
a) sight and smell
b) hearing and smell
c) taste and smell
d) sight and taste

What are the 4 main tastes
a) Bitter, nasty, tasty, sour
b) Yummy, sweet, bitter, foul
c) Bitter, sweet, salty, sour
d) Sour, sweet, disgusting, salty

This is the part of the tongue where we taste sweet
a) The tip
b) The back
c) The sides
d) The middle

These are found in the retina detect color when we see
a) Rods
b) Iris'
c) Pupils
d) Cones

This nerves carries signals from the eye to the brain
a) The coronary nerve
b) The optic nerve
c) The cerebellum
d) The neuron

This part of the brain controls our five senses
a) The cerebrum
b) The axon
c) The thalamus
d) The cranium

These get larger or smaller to let light into the eye
a) The rods
b) The cornea
c) The pupil
d) The iris

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