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Relationship Between Size, Shape, Density, Velocity And Deposition In The Environment. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which statement best describes pebbles?
a) Pebbles are sediments that range in size from 0.2 cm to 6.4 cm.
b) Pebbles are sediments that weather from larger sand grains.
c) Pebbles are rocks that form due to cementation and compaction.
d) Pebbles are rocks that form due to melting and solidification.

Which particles are the last to settle as a river's velocity decreases?
a) flattened clay particles
b) rounded silt particles
c) rounded sand particles
d) flattened pebbles

When particles of uniform shape and density are dropped into a calm lake, silt will settle faster than
a) clay
b) sand
c) cobbles
d) pebbles

Which statement best explains why a lead sphere settles faster then a glass sphere when dropped into water?
a) The lead sphere has a higher density.
b) The glass sphere has a smoother surface.
c) The lead sphere takes up less space.
d) The glass sphere has more surface area.

Which characteristics of a particle would usually result in the shortest settling time for the particle in calm water?
a) high density and round shape
b) high density and flat shape
c) low density and flat shape
d) low density and round shape

Compared to a low-density spherical particle, a high-density spherical particle of the same size will sink through water
a) more rapidly
b) more slowly
c) at the same rate
d) none of the above

A sedimentary particle is dropped into a cylinder of water. The particle will take the longest time to settle if the particle has
a) low density, small size, and flattened sh
b) low density, small size, and spherical shape
c) high density, large size, and spherical shape
d) high density, large size, and flattened shape

When small particles settle through water faster than large particles, the small particles are probably
a) more dense
b) better sorted
c) flatter
d) lighter

Why do the particles carried by a river settle to the bottom as the river enters the ocean?
a) The velocity of the river water decreases as it enters the ocean.
b) The large particles have a greater surface area than the small particles.
c) The kinetic energy of the particles increases as the particles enter the ocean.
d) The density of the ocean water is greater than the density of the river water.

Transported sediments are usually deposited at locations in which
a) a decrease in the speed of the agent of erosion occurs
b) an increase in the physical weathering of rocks occurs
c) the chemical breakdown of rocks occurs
d) the freezing and thawing of water occurs

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