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Presidents and other government officals can use the media to -
a) gather national data
b) communicate with the public
c) make political contributions
d) identify candidates

Letters to the editor of a newspaper influence public policy by -
a) reporting the facts of a story without bias
b) offereing a forum for expressing opposing viewpoints
c) lobbying government officials
d) provideing a way for people to volunteeer

If you will be 17 years old on the day of the election, you can paricipate in the democratic process by -
a) voting
b) registering to vote when you are 18
c) volunteering to count votes
d) volunteering to pass out campaign literature

One way citizens can influence public policy is -
a) read the newspaper
b) vote
c) volunteer at a school
d) complete a survey

What can a citizen do to get elected officials to respons to his/her wishes about an issue?
a) Write letters to public officials
b) Gather data
c) Propose legislation
d) Regulate business

When interest groups try to influence the decision of policymakers, they are -
a) campaigning
b) demonstrating
c) canvassing
d) lobbying

Polite behavior is known as -
a) Accountablity
b) Responsibility
c) Courtesy
d) Honesty

A person who tolerates differences is displaying which trait of good citizens?
a) Respect for the law
b) Self-Reliance
c) Respect for the rights of others
d) Accountability

Maya volunteering to referee youth soccer games in the county park. She is demonstrating -
a) patriotism
b) trustworthiness and honesty
c) respect for the rights of o thers
d) servcice to local community

In thoughtful decision-making, what is the next step after formulating questions?
a) Analyzing informaion from a variety of sources
b) Devising a plan
c) Implementing a plan
d) Expressing a posititon

A democratic society requires -
a) government to control the economic decisions
b) the active participation of its citizens
c) traditional to be used when making deicison
d) goverment officials to be allowed to break the law

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