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The Fourteenth Amendment
a) protects the fundamental rights of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition
b) defines citizenship
c) describes the voting process
d) explains the amendment process

Immigration and naturalization have led to
a) a diverse society
b) a less varied population

In order for an immigrant to become a U.S. citizen, he/she must -
a) demonstrate knowledge for American history on a test
b) serve in the military for at least 5 years
c) hold a job for at leasst 3 years
d) attend college

By which right would a Website be allowed to present information critical of the president?
a) Right to assemble
b) Equal protection
c) Freedom of the press
d) Due process

Which First Amedment Freedom allows individuals to express their opinion in e-mail to their senators?
a) Press
b) Assembly
c) Speech
d) Petition

The Constitutional protection against unfair governmental actions and laws is called
a) due process
b) impeachment process
c) amendment process
d) electoral process

Life, liberty, and property are items protected by -
a) due process
b) free speech
c) freedom of religion
d) the right to assemble

All Virginias must be given a fair trial no matter their race, religion, age, or gender. This right is protected by the -
a) Preamble to the U.S. Constitution
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
d) Articles of Confederation

For government to be effective, citizens must -
a) work for elected officials
b) join a political party
c) perform civic duties
d) identify with local

In order for our legal system to work, a citizen must -
a) become a laywer
b) hold elective office
c) defend the nation
d) serve on a jury when called

What is obeying the law a duty?
a) It is fun to obey the law
b) Some people enjoy obeying the law
c) Chaos would otherwise result
d) No one would serve on juries

Civic responsibilities are -
a) required by law
b) voluntary
c) listed in the U.S. Constitution
d) established by local orginances

A basic responsibility of citizenship is to -
a) hold elective office
b) serve in the armed forces
c) pay taxes
d) contribute to the common good

Citizens should stay informed about current issues because -
a) it is required by law
b) it is necessary to be appointed to office
c) it is needed to cast votes wisely
d) it helps avoide serving time in jail

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