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When you buy a helmet, you should look for ______.
a) Your favorite character
b) Your favorite color
c) The cheapest price
d) A hard shell and an approval sticker

The first thing you should do about an injury is ___.
a) Tell an adult
b) call Poison Control Center
c) Tell a friend
d) Scream for help

A substance that causes illness or death when it gets into the body is called a ____.
a) pathogen
b) cover
c) poison
d) medicine

Caring for small injuries is called ____.
a) first aid
b) limit
c) hazard
d) safety rule

Never plug in or turn on electrical things when you have _____.
a) wet hands
b) food in your hands
c) your book bag on
d) dry hands

When unplugging a lamp, hold the ______.
a) Shade
b) Cord
c) Plug
d) Lamp

What should you NOT do in a fire?
a) Warn others.
b) Call 911 or the fire department.
c) Stop, drop, and roll.
d) Grab all your favorite toys before going outside to your meeting place.

What is a safe way to escape a fire?
a) Run in circles screaming.
b) Crawl out quickly.
c) Go to your friend's house.
d) Don't follow the escape path, make your own.

If you call 911 you must tell them all except.
a) Where you are.
b) Your name and phone number.
c) How you got to where you are.
d) What happened and who needs help.

Where is the safest place for a child to sit in a car?
a) driver's seat
b) backseat
c) passenger front seat
d) the trunk

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