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What could be the role of emotion in an essay conclusion?
a) Emotion is used to fill space
b) Emotion should only be used in long conclusion paragraphs
c) Emotion helps move your reader to your point of view
d) Emotion only belongs in in fiction, not essays

Which of the following effectively utilizes a transition?
a) Too much candy can rot your teeth and spikes your blood sugar.
b) Too much candy can rot your teeth. It can lead to spikes in blood sugar.
c) Candy rots teeth; it leads to spikes in blood sugar.
d) Too much candy can rot your teeth. In addition, it can lead to spikes in blood sugar.

There are two approaches to organizing a compare and contrast essay. These are:
a) Most important to least important or oldest to newest
b) By points of comparison or by topics
c) By definition of each item or alphabetical order
d) By date of event or time of day

Which of the following should not be found in the conclusion of a 5-paragraph essay?
a) New information
b) Around 5-7 sentences for an essay of this length
c) A sense of closure
d) Importance of the writer's thesis statement in light of the research presented

Effective body paragraphs within an essay...
a) utilize sentences that flow together
b) ensure a smooth transition from one idea to the next
c) help to support the argument outlined in the thesis
d) All of these answers describe important components of body paragraphs

Where are topic sentences generally found?
a) The title
b) The conclusion
c) The beginning of a paragraph
d) The first transition statement

An informative essay does NOT do which of the following
a) Analyze data
b) Provide a personal opinion
c) Define a topic
d) Present factual arguments

Why would you use a quotation in a conclusion?
a) You would use it if you forget how to format
b) Use a quotation to show how smart you are
c) Use a quotation to fill empty space
d) Use a quotation to strengthen your case

By choosing one of the choices below, improve the following sentence: 'Denny loved certain funny jokes.'
a) Replace 'loved' with 'hated'
b) Replace 'funny' with 'hilarious'
c) Remove 'certain' and add 'stand-up' after 'funny'
d) Remove 'jokes' and replace it with 'acts'

Which of the following effectively utilizes a transition
a) I like cake, however, ice cream is also delicious.
b) I like cake. But ice cream is delicious as well.
c) Although I like cake, ice cream is also delicious.
d) Ice cream and cake are both delicious.

What are the two most important parts of an introduction to an essay?
a) Your opinion on the subject and a compelling way to draw the reader in
b) A complete description of all the points you will cover and your opinion
c) A short story and a thesis
d) A thesis and a compelling way to draw the reader in

Which of the following best defines a thesis statement?
a) The conclusion of a piece of writing
b) The key concept being expressed or described
c) The genre of a piece
d) A one- to two-sentence condensation of your argument

Which of the following is NOT an element of formal writing?
a) Repeating yourself often
b) Eliminating confusing words
c) Making sure you understand the definition of the words you use
d) Using appropriate words

When thinking of a way to ensure that your body paragraphs flow together,
a) fold your paper in the shape of a boat and see if it floats
b) use paragraphs that relate very loosely to each other to avoid the use of transitions
c) look for relationships between the paragraphs to connect them
d) use several transitions between each paragraph

How would you describe the tone of the following sentence: 'When she smiled, the room lit up, and everyone was merry; when she scowled, everyone ran for the corners.'
a) Upbeat, because 'smile,' 'lit up,' and 'merry' have positive connotations
b) Serious because 'scowl' has a negative connotation
c) Explanatory because the author is describing character traits
d) Funny because 'smile' and 'scowl' are contrasted with each other for humorous effect

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