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All living things are made up of
a) minerals
b) cells
c) energy
d) flesh

All organisms need
a) energy
b) sunlight
c) leaves
d) soil

In a living organism, many different parts often work together to
a) perform an important function
b) cause the organism to die
c) cause the organism to begin
d) perform functions that are not necessary

Living things meet their needs by
a) interacting with the environment
b) making what they need themselves
c) eliminating their needs
d) needing only what they have

A group of organs that interact and function together is
a) an organism
b) a system
c) a pack
d) a set

Organisms that have more than one cell are called
a) unicellular organisms
b) multicellular organisms
c) bacteria
d) mammals

A change in an organism's environment
a) always helps the organism
b) always harms the organism
c) can either harm or help the organism
d) never affects the organism

The human body has
a) only a few separated systems
b) many systems that work together
c) only a few systems that work together
d) many separated systems

What happens if one part of a system breaks down?
a) The system is not affected.
b) The system is eliminated.
c) The system benefits.
d) The system suffers.

Which of these is a system?
a) the parts that allow a human to search for food
b) the parts that allow a human to breathe
c) bones, muscles, and nerves
d) teeth, hair, and fingernails

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