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Who of the following brought industry to the United States?
a) Alexander Graham Bell
b) Thomas Edison
c) Samuel Slater
d) James Watt

Which of the factors of production included natural resources?
a) capital
b) labor
c) enterprise
d) land

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, where was cloth made?
a) in cottages or homes
b) in factories
c) in cities
d) beside fast-moving streams

Working in some of the early factories could be described in this way.
a) dirty and dangerous
b) clean and efficient
c) good hours with weekends off
d) very challenging work

What was one outcome of selective breeding?
a) livestock decreased in size
b) livestock increased in size
c) people moved to rural areas
d) farmers became scientists

What was the rapid growth of cities during the Industrial Revolution called?
a) industrialization
b) liberalization
c) socialization
d) unrbanization

Some business organizations are owned by stockholders who buy shares in the company. What are these organizations called?
a) corporations
b) industries
c) partnerships
d) unions

Who built the first electric generating station?
a) Alexander Graham Bell
b) Thomas Edison
c) Guglielmo Marconi
d) Samuel Morse

Of the following, what changes in the creation of goods were NOT associated with mass production?
a) a division of labor among workers
b) the manufacture of unique, handmade goods
c) the use of identical, machine-made parts
d) the use of the assembly line

Which of the following was a result of the improved method of steelmaking known as the Bessemer process?
a) decline of mining towns
b) decrease in coal and iron production
c) construction of skyscrapers
d) increase in steel prices

Who invented the steam engine?
a) Richard Arkwright
b) Thomas Edison
c) James Watt
d) Eli Whitney

In what area of production was industrial technology first used?
a) mining of coal
b) production of steel
c) production of textiles
d) railroad construction

What group believed that the means of production should be owned by society as a whole (in other words, the government)?
a) capitalists
b) private entrepreneurs
c) socialists
d) stock holders in a corporation

At first industrial cities were located near rivers. Later, with the invention of the steam engine, where were many located?
a) along the banks of rivers
b) near coal and iron fields
c) next to Atlantic ports
d) within easy reach of London

Of the following, what was one change brought to the world by the Industrial Revolution?
a) the decline of corporations
b) end of trade unions
c) growth of industrial capitalism
d) rise of a larger farming population

Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?
a) France
b) Germany
c) Great Britain
d) United States

What helped pave the way for the Industrial Revolution by providing workers?
a) crop rotation
b) enclosure movement
c) land use
d) strip farming

Of the following countries, which one was NOT an industrial leader by 1870?
a) Great Britain
b) Germany
c) United States
d) Japan

What did workers join to improve wages, benefits, and working conditions?
a) assembly lines
b) clubs
c) trade unions
d) workforces

What was the idea of each worker having his or her own assigned job to complete, usually on the assembly line?
a) division of labor
b) interchangable parts
c) mass production
d) strike

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