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wind, water, birds, bees, bats, butterflies and other animals that move pollen from flower to flower
a) exterminators
b) biologists
c) pollinators
d) pets

The top of the stamen that produces pollen.
a) petal
b) ovary
c) anther
d) stigma

the top of the pistil that collects or traps pollen
a) stigma
b) style
c) anther
d) ovary

How is pollen transported?
a) by diffusion
b) by mitosis
c) by wind or insects
d) by grizzly bears

Ovules must be __________ in order for a plant to produce seeds.
a) split in half
b) diffused
c) fertilized
d) cloned

produces the MALE reproductive cells (gametes)
a) anthers which are part of the stamen
b) petals
c) ovary which is part of the pistil
d) sepals

holds the ovules
a) stigma
b) ovary
c) filament
d) roots

produces the FEMALE reproductive cells (gametes)
a) style
b) stigma
c) anther
d) ovary

attracts pollinators
a) petals
b) sepals
c) pistils
d) ovules

guides the pollen to the ovary
a) anther
b) style
c) ovule
d) sepal

female reproductive structure
a) filament
b) anther
c) stamen
d) pistil

produces pollen
a) anther
b) stamen
c) ovary
d) petal

male reproductive structure
a) pistil
b) ovary
c) stamen
d) style

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